the finals for calendar year 2012

Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing

Of homebrewers, by homebrewers, for homebrewers

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Posting of Results  

  MCAB XV Winners                                                     Qualifying brewers


Originally the annual MCAB finals event was a combination of conference, educational seminars and the annual finals competition.  However, for the last several years it has been focused on the annual finals competition, although educational events are sometimes included for judges and volunteers.   MCAB XV will be limited to judges and other volunteers, at the discretion of the competition organizer.

MCAB XV Qualifying Events


May 17-18, 2013


Saint Paul, MN               


Pour Decisions Brewing Company

Host Club  

Saint Paul Homebrewers Club

Entry Window  

Monday, April 15 - Friday, May 3, 2013
Entries must be received by end of business day 5/3/13

Number of Bottles per Entry  

Only two this year

Bottle and Cap Requirements  

Short answer: Brown 12 ounce long-neck beer bottles with plain silver or gold caps.    Long answer

Entry Fee  

$10.00 per entry. 
Please PayPal $10 per entry to
Checks: If you must pay be check, please send an e-mail saying you are paying by check,
make the check out to MCAB and send to John Peed, 30 Outer Drive, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

How to Enter  

On line entry only

Ship-to and

Northern Brewer
1150 Grand Ave
Saint Paul, MN  55105



John Peed

Posting of Results  

Sorry, but we missed our goal of posting results.  Due to complications, judging has not yet been completed.  Results will be posted as soon as they are available, certainly by Saturday, May 25, probably before.  I will send out an e-mail when results have been posted. Results will be posted on the MCAB XV Winners page. The main menu will also have a link to the results page.


Premium medals will be awarded to first, second and third place finishers in each of the twenty categories.  Also, one - and only one - polo-style shirt will be awarded to each medalist; the logo color will reflect the highest place finish of each medalist.  For award purposes, teams will be treated as a single entrant; team members will have to fight over the medal and wash the shirt!  (Additional shirts may be ordered at approximately cost for team members of winning teams; details will be furnished to eligible team leaders after the competition.  Additional medals are not available.)

The Grand Master Award will go to the winner of Best of Show. 
Only Best of Show will be recognized and awarded.

The Grand Champion Award will go to the brewer who accumulates the most medal points.  Gold medals will count 3 points, silver 2 and bronze one. 

  • Tie breaker: most gold medals

  • 2nd tie breaker: most gold & silver medals

  • 3rd tie breaker: fewest entries

  • 4th tie breaker: fisticuffs in the parking lot

Special blue-logo'd shirts will also be awarded to the two "Grand" winners in lieu of the standard gold/silver/bronze-logo'd shirt.  There are only six of these in existence now; after MCAB XV, there will be eight.

Mailing of
Score Sheets

Our goal is to mail (or scan and e-mail) non-medalists' score sheets within one week of the competition.  Medalist's score sheets will be mailed later, along with medals and shirts.

Mailing of Medals, Shirts and
Special Awards

Medals will be custom-engraved, shirts will be custom-sized/logo'd and special awards will will be custom-etched; therefore, awards for all medalists will be mailed as soon as all awards are available, so please expect a delay of two to three weeks.


Please contact the competition director to inquire about judging.  Contact info will be posted when all other details are available.

The fine print  

Entrants must be 21 years of age or older.
The entry must be brewed on non-commercial equipment. 
Entries and bottles cannot be returned. 
Entries that do not meet the stated bottle requirements may be disqualified; if disqualified, your entry fee will be refunded but the entries will not be returned.  Please inquire before submitting any nonstandard entries.

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